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Pong-O the New Game Based on Beer Pong and Cornhole. Competitive, Social and a Blast.

We are very excited to introduce a new game that is the offspring of two popular parents, Beer Pong and Cornhole. Different from beer pong, Pong-O does not need to involve alcohol. Points are scored rather than drinking. In this way it is also similar to bag toss. Click here for printable rules.

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Play Pong-O the game. It is based on Beer Pong. Fun, Social and Competitive





Pong-O the game is based on beer pong and bag toss. Score points to beat your opponent. Good defense is key.

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Pong-O the game basic rules

hint #2: the code is all lower case.

How to score in Pong-O

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About Pong-O™: It's more than a cool beer pong brand, it is a great new game based on Beer Pong A.K.A. Beirut.   The objective is similar to beer pong wherein a player tries to toss a ping pong ball into a cup, but that’s where the similarities end.  In Pong-O, there is no need to remove cups or drink beer.  Pong-O is based on points.   A ball made into the center cup is worth 4pts and a ball made in the outer cups is worth 2pts.  Players take turns tossing 4 balls.   There is a highly defensive aspect to the game too.  A ball that bounces off the rack may be caught for 1pt.  Also, a ball that misses the rack may be caught for 1pt only if it passes beneath the top plane of the rack. Below are some rules for Beer Pong-O.  


Beer Pong-O is the next big party game.

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Custom beer pong table with Nice Rack LED lighting graphics

Custom beer pong table texas iowa football

Folding custom beer pong table wisconsin iowa texas football led graphics and lighting

lighted cut out top surface wisconsin custom beerpong table



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