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How to Play Carnival Rules Cornhole

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BagToss Carnival Rules is an exciting new skill game for nearly all ages. It is a safe, fun and addicting game. Once you start playing, it is hard to stop. Here is how to play: A player is given four bags. The player tosses one bag at a time towards the board. Points are scored by throwing the bag:

    On the board - 1pt
    In the hole - 3pt
    In the slot - 5pt

The objective is to get a high score. The most points a player can get is 20pts. If this happens the player is given Wizard status as this is nearly impossible to do. A player is given Pro status if they get 12pts. This can be done by getting all four bags into the hole. Post the daily high scores for added competition. Prizes can be awarded based on points earned and toss distance. The suggested toss line distance from the front edge of the board is as follows:

    Pro Line - 18ft
    Amateur Line - 14pt
    Junior Line - 10pt

Carnival Layout

If you would like BagToss Carnival Rules at your next event, simply order a set from our purchase page. We suggest the Tailgate size, BagToss2 game in either the natural or heritage finish. If you need help, see our contact page.


Pro Tips: If your bags are sliding off the board, add more arc to your toss. Toss the bag with a smooth swing of the arm; consistency is key. As you toss, your feet start off together, then as you begin your swing, step with your opposite foot towards the foul line. Throw the bags close to the foul line without stepping over the foul line. For more tips visit our Tips page.
Playing Surface: Our boards work best on soft surfaces like grass and sand. Check out our tips page for playing on hard surfaces.
Care Tips:
It’s best to keep the boards and bags dry and to minimize exposure to UV.
Safety: Children should not play on or around the playing field without close supervision of a responsible parent. Do not stand or play on the boards. Do not eat the filler in the bags, it is plastic. Please drink alcohol responsibly.
Disclaimer: Vorticy Sports, Inc. is not responsible, nor liable for damage, including, but not limited to property damage, personal injury or death as a result of storing, transporting or playing our game. Therefore, By purchasing our products, you agree to these terms as indicated herein.

BagToss Classic and Bag Toss 2 is a trademark of Vorticy Sports, Inc. and the design of the Bag Toss 2 game is patent pending. Bag Toss is also known as Bean Bag Game, Cornhole, Corn toss to name a few.  

Shown here is our Long Board 4ftx2ft cornhole tournament series Bag Toss set in Heritage Finish. We also offer Tailgate, Camper and Mini board sizes. We have over 20 variations that we stock.


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WARNING! Bag Toss may bring fun and excitement to your next party. Please play responsibly.

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