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We offer several great products and this page is here to help you make a selection. There are a few varieties of bag toss cornhole boards so we recommend you read this page completely before you make your selection. You can purchase Bag Toss Cornhole Sets on the Purchase page and accessories such as extra bags, lights and our famous Score Table on the Accessories page.

New Baltic Birch Plywood

We recently switched to a superior plywood that is highly moisture and heat resistant. This is accomplished with a boil proof glue line and the Baltic birch plies. The Baltic birch wood grows in the frigid parts of northern Europe like Russia and Finland. Due to the cold, it is more dense and stronger than normal birch. Almost 0% core voids the plies are incredibly uniform. Our boards are now 30% heavier and 200% stronger than our previous boards due to this change.

Superior Materials + Highly Engineered Designs = Kick Ass Products

Board Size

Does size matter? Yes and no. The Long Boards (LB) are 4ft long by 2ft wide (48in x 24in) and is a popular selection for tournaments. The Tailgate (TG) boards are 1ft shorter at 3ftx2ft (36in x 24in) and is a popular selection for many players including those in the ATL One might think the tailgate size would be more challenging because the deck area is smaller; however, in side-by-side tests, players found the landing bags on the deck equally as difficult. Difficultly is really dependent on how far the boards are separated apart. Because the separation distant (27ft pros, 24ft causal, 20ft junior) is measured from the leading (front) edge of the board, both the tailgate and long board size boards have equal separation distance between them. Thus, both sizes have similar difficultly. With respect to portability and transporting, the tailgate size is much more user friendly. They fit in small cars like a honda civic or bmw 3 series and they are easy to carry long distances. With respect to cost, the tailgate size will be cheaper because there is less material, less finishing and lower shipping costs. But if you got to have the 4x2, then you got to have it. When we have events, we always bring both sizes out and we have a lot of fun on both of them. The set we use the most is Pro-TG-BT2-HER. The Camper LT is slightly smaller than the Pro tailgate boards. This size is ultra portable and very fun.

Bag Toss Cornhole Board Size Comparison

Board Set

Packaged Weight (lbs)

Package Size (inches)




TG Std












Cornhole Weight Comparison Table.
Weights includes bag sets. 15oz bags for the Pro and SP and 12oz bags for LT sets.

Bag Toss Classic with Heritage Finish showing 4ftx2ft vs Tailgate Size


Standard and Pro Package (hint: this has nothing to do with the size of the boards)

Many people ask if they should get the Pro package and I usually ask how much do you want to spend on a set? Our Pro Boards are for those people who want the best and are will to pay a little extra ($49 more on Long Board and Tailgate models). The standard boards are for those who play several times a year but don't want to spend a extra money on a premium set. Below is a summary of the differences. I also put the Camper Lite (LT) boards in for comparison as they fit a niche: portable set for players who want something better than the junk found in major retail stores.
The primary differences are as follows:

Most of our competitors strive to make their products as cheap as possible but we work hard to make our products as best as possible. Our boards are of excellent quality, have a great natural feel and are made in the USA! A cool aspect of our boards is they are easy to take with you. Easy Grab™ handles are integrated on the Pro and SP boards. We designed our boards to be light-weight, stiff and strong. We use high quality 1/2in thick birch plywood on all our boards. This stuff is not cheap. The edges of the boards are finger jointed that allow for bi-directional fastening which adds strength. Nobody else makes boards like we do because it is more advanced than just cutting 2x4's. Pound for pound, our boards are the best. A full grown man can stand on these boards without breaking. Let's see those plastic boards do that.

Bag Slide - Bag slide is an important characteristic and is something we spent a long time working on. Our Pro boards have a very smooth finish. This results in terrific slide characteristics. There is no need for dust. Believe us, these boards are sweet. The Standard package boards have less slide initially because they don't have as many finishing coats. Standard package boards will break in over a several games and they too will have great slide characteristics.

If you are new to the game you may wonder how bag slide affects the game. If the bags are sliding a lot then it is more difficult to get a point by landing bags on the board; however, it is easier to get 3pts because the bag will slide right in the hole when the toss is in line with the hole (i.e. the bag lands on the center of the board in front of the hole). Players with good aim will prefer more slide because they want 3pts. Players with bad aim will want less slide because they want the bags to stay on the board. With practice your aim will get better so don't be discouraged if your bags are sliding off the deck. Adding arch to the toss is the best way to get bags to "stick" when they hit the deck. Watch our instructional video on cornhole tossing for more help with this.

Bag Toss cornhole classic set with heritage finish with integrated handle

Pro-LB-CLA-HER (Pro, Long Board, Classic 3pt Hole and Heritage finish)

Bag Toss Cornhole classic set heritage finish showing folding stand that stows bags

Pro-TG-BT2-HER (Pro, Tailgate, Bag Toss 2 with the 5 point slot and Heritage finish)

Standard cornhole set meets ACO and ACA regulations

Standard Package Long Boards shown in Heritage finish meets ACO and ACA regulations

Camper Size Cornhole Board Set with Bags

Camper Size Board Set available in many finishes and styles.

Game Selection

Bag Toss 2 (BT2) is unique because it has a hole and a slot whereas Bag Toss Classic (CLA) just has a hole. A bag on the board is worth 1 point, a bag in the hole is worth 3 points and a bag in the slot is worth 5 points. Most people who have played this game for years will prefer the classic version without having tried the BT2 version. But we have found that most people who play with the slot, love the slot. It adds a different level of excitement to the game that makes it even more fun to play. Once you go slot, you never go back. The main reason is the different scoring options. You may think it hard to hit the slot on purpose, and you'd be right, but many times a bag will land near the slot giving the player a chance to nudge it in. My personal favorite is the "sHocKer". This is where a bag is sitting between the slot and the hole, and you toss a bag that causes the bag on the board to fall into the slot and the bag you tossed bounces back and goes in the hole for an 8pt shot. The look on your opponent's face...priceless. And of course if you do call your shot and hit a 5'er, the crowd will go wild. You think air mailing a 3 pointer feels good, just imagine what that slot feels like.

Cornhole game type with Bag Toss 2 and Classic.  You think air mailing a 3 pointer feels good, just imagine what that slot feels like.

Bag Toss 2 (BT2) has the 5 point slot which makes can result in some unbelievable shots and scoring plays.


Bag Toss boards come in either a Natural Blonde (NAT), Heritage (HER) finish or Rebel (REB). A Natural finish is a lightly tinted clear coat over the bare wood. The Heritage and Rebel finish involves staining the wood then applying clear coats. Both finishes are amazing to look at and are very durable. The Heritage finish costs a bit more due to the extra step of staining. Our stain work is not furniture quality, but it still looks really good. We cannot guarantee stain uniformity. We offer custom color customization for those who want to spice it up. See our customization section below. Some neat designs can be achieved by carefully masking areas that you want the wood to show through. For those who love to DIY, our clear coat finish can be painted onto without problems.

cornhole board washers shuffle score table finish types

The entire board is brush coated with an outdoor grade, low VOC protective coating. Brushing on the coating is important because spraying wastes material to over spray. Low VOC is important because typical oil-based coatings have a ton of terrible stuff that has to evaporate into our atmosphere to dry. This was unacceptable to us so we searched long and hard for alternate coating. We found an excellent solution that is very durable but not cheap. Our clear coat costs about $60 a gallon and each set uses about 1/5th of a gallon. Cheaper sets are cheap because they skimp on the materials. We don't!

All Weather Cornhole Bags

Why are our bags the best on the market?

#1 reason - Our bags will not rot if they get wet. In fact, if they get dirty, you can hand wash them with soap and hot water. Don't worry about bugs, mice, deer or other critters eating the corn in you dusty old bags. Worry free guaranteed.
#2 reason - We adjust filler ratios so that a prescribed weight and fullness is achieved. They are ACA regulation size and weight. Professional grade.

Superior Materials + Highly Engineered Designs = Kick Ass Products


The standard size bags are 6in x 6in square and are available in two different weights: 15oz (420g) for Pros and 12oz (330g) for causal use or juniors. We also make 4in x 4in bags as shown in the graphic below. Our bags are made from durable duck cloth (plain without any logos) which is double stitched using strong polyester thread. The filler is secret blend using primarily recycled plastic pellets. These pellets are truly remarkable as they have the right feel and are nearly indestructible. Best of all, you can wash our bags and they won't rot like corn does. Give our bags a try, we know you'll love'em! Click here to order a new set of bags.

Bag Toss Cornhole Product Images

Below is an image showing the different cornhole bag sizes for comparison.
We currently offer the 6"x 6" and the 4"x4" in a wide variety of colors.

Cornhole Bag Size Comparison

Dust - Since our filler is nearly bomb proof, they do not create dust. If your boards require dust to slide, then you will not like our bags. But if you have our boards, the finish is tailored to have the perfect amount of slide without dust. Consistent slides, in any type of weather.

Recycling the Bag Filler - The filler material is 100% reusable. It is extremely durable and will last a lifetime. It's great that we can put this recycled plastic to such a cool use; however, it is important that we continue to recycle the filler after the bags start to wear out. It is easy to recycle and cheaper than buying new bags. Here is what you do:
1) Purchase new fabric Recycle Bag Set.
2) These bags are 90% finished. There is a small opening which you use to pour your old filler material into. Carefully pour your old filler material into the new bag.
3) Sew up the small opening. This is best done on a sewing machine but hand threading works just fine too.

Recycling your old filler material will not only save you money but it will help our environment too.

Customize Options

Before you select your custom options, we suggest you pick our your board set first. Click Here to get started. Then, visit our custom cornhole boards and bags page to select your custom options. You may need to email us additional information which is normal. You can email us logos at mark at bag toss dot com. We usually email you a proof when there is uncertainty.

Custom Colors and Design Options
Check out some of our custom designs and colors. Want your favorite team colors on the board? Check out Gliddens team color charts and find the colors you want and match it to the colors we offer. We can add colored stripes, borders or triangles to the deck of the board. The complexity of the design and number of different colors will determine the price. Sometimes the best approach is to just contact us first and describe what you want.

bag toss cornhole custom color options stripes triangles borders

Custom Graphics Options

Custom Text Options

Add custom text to your board by selecting one of the text packs described below. You will add it to your cart and check out. When we receive your order we will email you asking what text, color and font you want. We can work with almost any font (except fonts with a lot of detail). Visit 1001freefonts.com for examples.

If you want your favorite team logo on the boards, we can help you find the perfect decal. Visit www.thefind.com and search using these keywords "decal die cut TEAM" (replace TEAM with the team name you are looking for). White decals look great on heritage finish. Look for decals that are 18inx18in. If you find a decal you like, you can ship the decals directly to us (visit our contact page for our shipping address). Select our "Apply Only" option for $39 to have decals put on the boards and coated for protection. If you want some help, contact us.

Our standard colors are below. If you have a particular team or logo color that you want, we can do it. Just email me the logo at mark at bag toss dot com.

Bag Toss Custom Color Options Custom Logo

Sweet Home Chicago Pizza
(Pro-TG-BT2-HER with Type 3 Custom Graphic)

Custom Logo Vail Ski Patrol

Vail Ski Patrol (VSP)
(Pro-TG-BT2-NAT with Type 1 Custom Graphic)

OMBAC Custom Boards

Old Mission Beach Athletics Club (OMBAC) - Founders of the famous Over The Line (OTL) tournament
(Pro-LB-BT2-HER with Small Custom Text and Type 4 Custom Graphic)

Bag Toss Cornhole custom tiger boards full size image decal

The Tiger Set
(Pro-LB-BT2-HER with Full-4x2 Custom Graphic)


Night Kit This is truly an innovative way to light up your boards after the sun goes down. This kit includes two powerful LED light towers. It is a very portable system that allows you to place light where you need it without the hassle of cords and plugs. With 27 super bright white LEDs and three new AAA batteries you can have hours of light! You can also use these "multi" lights in your workshop, garage, car or anywhere you need extra light. Click here to Buy Now.

Light Pod™ Set Light Pods are the best way to illuminate board and bags. When you play in dark conditions it becomes very hard to see the edges of the board and the color of the bags that are on the board. Pods are placed in front of the board off to the corner so that low flying bags don't hit the pod. A set includes two pods with an LED light for each pod. BATTERIES ARE INCLUDED! These lighted towers are very portable, easy to store and have hundreds of other uses too.

Night Kit portable preferred position super bright LED stands wireless batteries cornhole led hole lights

Score and Drink Tables™

Keep the Score with Our Famous Score and Drink Tables. We have been getting rave reviews for our new Score and Drink Tables™. This is the perfect accessory for the serious bag players. The Score Table has two drink holders and a score board that scores up to 29. The Drink Table is exactly the same just without the score board. The combo is the best way to go and you get one of each. Add the optional lights to play at night.

Famous Score and Drink Table for Cornhole horseshoes washers toss games
best beer pong table. Custom all wood folding tables for the tailgate parties. Pong-O is a new game based on beer pong and bag toss.

Do it Yourself

As much as we would like your business, if you want to build your own, we support that. Below are the dimensions for Bag Toss 2 in inches. The slot is 6.00in x 2.75in with 1.0in corner radius. It took some trial and error to find the right size as we wanted to make it hard to get it in but not impossible. A novice might get it in the slot once or twice a game, but a pro might get it in once a round. The board shown below is the tailgate size which is 3ftx2ft. If you want the 4ftx2ft size, simply add a foot on the bottom and keep the slot and the hole in the same position relative to the top of the board. And if you want the classic version, the hole is 9.00in from the top instead of 12.00in. For more info on building your own Bag Toss (a.k.a. bean bag game or cornhole) set, click here. But wait, before you DIY, consider the quality and craftsmanship of our boards. Buy a set from us today and spend that free time of yours planning your next BBQ.

Bag Toss 2 Dimensions

Bag Toss 2 and Cornhole 2 are trademarks of Vorticy Sports, Inc. Bag Toss 2 with the 5pt slot is patented. An individual may use this design for building their own game. This design or slight alterations of this design is not to be used commercially without a legal licensing agreement with Vorticy Sports, Inc. Please contact us for commercial use.

Payment Options

We offer payment by credit card or Paypal. We even accept payments by mail, click here for the order form and instructions.

We can do payments over the phone but we prefer you do it online. It saves us some time and minimizes the chances for errors. If you have questions about payment, contact us and we'll respond fast, unless we are playing Bag Toss.


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