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Hawaiian Washers (Portuguese Horseshoes) is a Hawaiian variant of the popular washers game. The large playing surface and back board make it easier and funner to play on than other types of washer games. The boxes are 18in x 18in and 13in tall. Washers are 2.5in diameter. A set includes two boxes and 6 painted washers. They incorporate a washer return in the back, Easy Grab™ handles and they nest together to reduce storage size.

Washer Colors:

Finish: Rebel

Carpet Color: Grey


Hawaiian Washers Rules Printable DIY


3 Hole Washers is a popular version of washers. The large playing surface makes it possible to stand on the boards while making tosses. The boxes are 48in x 16in and 3in tall. Washers are 2.5in diameter. A set includes two boxes and 6 painted washers. They incorporate netting in the holes, rubber feet, Easy Grab™ handles and they latch together for easy transport.

Washer Colors:

Finish: Rebel

Carpet Color: Grey


3 Hole Washers Rules Printable DIY

Hawaiian Washers Game Set

This variant of washers was developed in Hawaii and is also known as Portuguese Horseshoes, Potagee horseshoes, Podagee horseshoes, Portagee horseshoes, Polish horseshoes and probably others.

For each round, two players alternate tossing 3 washers each. Games are generally played to 21 or 30, with 1 point for on the box, 2 for leaner or covering part of the hole, 3 for in the hole, automatic win if you land balancing on the backboard.

Boxes are placed 10 to 20 feet apart front edge to front edge. Beginners may want to use the shorter distance.There are several different variants to add score. The method we prefer is the same as bag toss which is cancellation scoring. This makes it easier to keep track of the score and the pace of the game seems right.

Included washers are 2.5in diameter, 3 of each color for a total of 6 powder coated washers. If you like, we can get 3.0in powder coated washers but there is a 4 day lead time on these. Just reply to the confirmation email you get after you place the order.


3 Hole Washer Game Set

These Professional quality Boxes have our nice looking Rebel wood finish, and gray carpet.

Each box measures 48” by 16” by 3” and the washers are 2.5in diameter. A set includes two boxes, 6 powder coated washers (durable, not painted!) and a measuring rope.  These boards are of great quality and include some nice add ons that other boards don’t have.

  • Includes 2 wooden boxes and 6 washers
  • Made from high quality marine grade 100% real Baltic birch plywood.
  • Holes have nets to keep washers.
  • Easy to transport both boards buckle together and both have handles. Not heavy like others out there yet super durable construction.
  • Pro quality
  • Rubber Feet
  • small storage size
  • Perfect for the whole family, camping, picnics, outdoor, indoor.
  • powder coated washers (durable, not painted!)
  • Rebel Finish with Gray carpet.
  • 4 washer colors to choose from.

Click here for Rules and Click here for DIY instructions to build your own washers game


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Custom Options: Please use our contact form to discuss custom options. Below is a picture showing a custom logo applied to the back of the washers game. The carpet is grey and the finish is blonde.

Portuguese Horseshoes washers games Hawaiin fun portagee

The size of the boxes are 18in x 18in and 13in tall. We also offer 20in x 20in and 14in tall boxes but these are special order. We are now using our high quality Russian birch, exterior grade, plywood to construct these. This is very good material and highly weather resistant. Of course, the less you leave it outside the better it will look over time.

The stock carpet is shown in the image. If you want another color, please contact us. Custom charges may apply.

We can add custom logos to the back side of the box above the return hole. This looks great and promotes your style.

The set will ship FedEx Ground. Shipping weight is about 30lbs.


6 Washers - $16.95

-6 washers to a set, 3 of each color
-Powder coated Steel
-2.5in outer diameter, 1in inner diameter
-3/16in thick
-3.2oz (90g)

Washer Color 1:

Washer Color 2:

Tote Bag to Carry your Bags

New Mini Bags Set - $19.95

- 8 bags to a set, 4 of each color
- Rot Proof Filler - Washable!
- 5.3oz (150g)
- Perfect for mini-boards with a 4in hole (shown here - not included)

Bag Color 1:

Bag Color 2:

Tote Bag to Carry your Bags


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Famous Score and Drink Table tower for Cornhole horseshoes washers or any other tossing games.  The flip style score cards have large easy to read numbers.  There are pegs to track games.  There are two large drink holders and also wine glass holders. If you don't like holding your bags while you throw, the drink table is perfect.

cornhole led hole lights are used when it starts to get dark out but you don't want to stop playing.  Lights are good for backyard bbq, camping or an evening at the beach. Hole lights light up the inside of the board.  Light pods illuminate the front.  The optional light on the score and drink table light up from up top.






Pong-O the game is based on beer pong and bag toss. Score points to beat your opponent. Good defense is key.

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