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Bag Toss is a product created by a small business located in San Diego, called Vorticy™ (pronounced vawr-ti-see). Vorticy's mission is to create high-end products at an affordable price. Customer service and satisfaction are our primary goals. Our business strategy is to engineer greatness and the rest will follow. The founder of Vorticy, Mark Pryor, grew up playing Bag Toss at his grand parents' house. This will always be a very special memory of his. With so many fond memories about Cornhole, Mark decided to build a company around it. Vorticy is working on a few other products, such as Pong-O™, Foldable Beer Pong Table, SpiderBats™ and a few other high-tech, top secret games.
Bag Toss is a family game. People get together, eat some good food, have a cold drink and toss some bags. It turns a regular BBQ into something special. And perhaps best of all, it is safe for all ages. Kids really enjoy this game!
Bag Toss 2 is a fun variation of Bag Toss Classic. The only difference is the slot, which is worth more points than the hole. We offer both the Tailgate Size, which is 3ft x 2ft, and the Long Board Size, which is 4ft x 2ft, with this great variation. We also offer a very portable Camper Board, which is slightly smaller than the Tailgate Size. For more details, please visit our Learn More page. Have questions about shipping? Visit our shipping page..
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Our Mailing and Pickup Address:
Vorticy, Inc.
8601 Production Ave
San Diego, CA 92121

If you need help or want to place an order over the phone
call us toll free at (888) 815-6005
We answer the phone between 9am and 4pm P.S.T.

Have questions about shipping? Visit our shipping page..

Payment Options

We offer payment by credit card or Paypal. We even accept payments by mail. Click here for the order form and instructions. We can do payments over the phone, but we prefer you do it online. It saves us some time and minimizes the chances for errors. If you have questions about payment, contact us and we'll respond quickly, unless we are out playing Bag Toss.

Live Near San Diego?

If you live in San Diego and want to pick up your item, enter your zip code on the “Shopping Cart” page and click “Update Shipping”. The “Pickup From Store” option will appear. Select this option and no shipping fees will be added to your total order cost. Do not use this option if you are not picking up your products. We will not ship items labeled “Pickup From Store”. Please contact us to set up an appointment, as we don't have regular business hours. We are also hosting several tournaments in the area, so check out our event page.

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Players Unite! is a proud member of the Cornhole Player's Association (CPA). The CPA is governed by its members to help develop the sport through consistency of standardized rules, formats and equipment. The CPA has put in place special guidelines that approved vendors adhere to. Our Pro and Classic Long Board models and our pro bags are approved equipment. Join the movement.

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