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All-Weather Cornhole Bag Sets and Empty Bag Sets

Our cornhole bags are unique because they are the only ones on the market that use recycled plastic pellets as the filler. These pellets are incredible because they feel just like corn, but will last a lifetime. Seriously, you can reuse the filler over and over again. Get the bags wet? No problem. You can hand wash our bags and you don't have to worry about rotting or bugs. We use tough 10oz duck cloth which has the perfect feel. Our bags are available in two different weights: the Pro Weight, which is 420g (15oz) and the Easy Toss Weight, which is 330g (12oz). These bags are professional grade and they meet all major cornhole association standards, such as the ones found at ATL, ACA and the ACO. We also offer empty bags if you want to replace your worn out ones, and custom bags with your own logo.

The filler in our bags does not break down like corn does, and thus does not create dust.  Our boards have a smooth finish that lets the bags slide just the right amount.  Click here to learn more about our bags.

8 Regulation Bags 15oz

  • - 8 regulation bags, 4 of each color.
  • - Rot proof filler that feels just like corn.
  • - Strong 10oz duck cloth.
  • - 15oz (420g)
  • - Professional grade.
  • - Plain fabric with no logos.

8 Easy Toss Bags 12oz

  • - 8 regulation bags, 4 of each color.
  • - Rot proof filler that feels just like corn.
  • - Strong 10oz duck cloth
  • - 12oz (330g)
  • - Professional grade.
  • - Plain fabric with no logos.

8 Empty Bags DIY!

  • Save money and help our environment by recycling the filler from your old set. Our filler lasts a lifetime.
  • - 8 empty new bags, 4 of each color.
  • - Fill up the bags and sew up the hole.

Mini Bags Set

  • - Perfect for mini-boards
  • - Professional quality
  • - 5.3oz (150g)
  • - 4x4 Inches

Score and Drink Combo Table

We have been getting rave reviews on our new Score and Drink Tables™. This is the perfect accessory for serious bag players. The Score Table has two drink holders and a scoreboard that scores up to 29 for each team. The Drink Table is nearly identical, but does not include a scoreboard. The Combo Set is our preferred table option, as it includes one Score Table and one Drink Table. Add the optional lights to play at night.

Famous Score Drink Table tower Cornhole horseshoes washers  tossing games flip style score cards large easy read numbers two large drink holders wine glass holders

Light Pods, Hole Lights and More

Light up the night! The Night Kit is the ultimate way to play in the dark. A Night Kit comes with powerful LED lights. Place the tower in front of the board to illuminate both the boards and bags. Increase power by placing two towers per board (Double Kit). For extreme power, add the new Score Table with the optional LED light. Light Pods are very portable, easy to store and have hundreds of other uses, too.
Learn More.

cornhole led lights hole lights Lights backyard bbq, camping beach. Hole lights light up the inside of the board.  Light pods illuminate the front.  The optional light on the score and drink table light up from up top.

This wall mounted bottle opener is solid metal with a bright black nickel finish. It comes with stainless steel screws to mount to the side of anything. It opens a beer bottle better than any other bottle opener we have tested. Get two and save.

The bright black nickel finish makes for a high-end look and feel, and it's easy to use! Just insert a bottle cap and push down on the bottle. The optimized angle ensures no beer is spilled during opening.


Pong-O is a new game based on Beer Pong and Cornhole. "Simply amazing!"

Pong-O is based on Beer Pong and Bag Toss. Score points to beat your opponent. Good defense is key.

Learn More Here Pong-O Rules

Save big $$$ when you get the 2 pack!

Tote Bag to Carry your Bags

Tote Bag Sale!

New and improved!

Handle and draw strings

Reflective strips

7 cool colors to choose from

This is a must have and great accessory for anybody that owns a set of cornhole bags. Start carrying your cornhole bags around in style with this tote bag.

Tote Bag to Carry your Bags

Set of Washers Sale!

8 washers to a set, 4 of each color

Powder coated steel

2.5in outer diameter, 1in inner diameter

3/16in thick - 3.2oz (90g)

These washers are great and are more durable than others because they are powder coated instead of painted. These are very reliable replacement steel washers for your washer game.

Check out our new Washers Game Page
Cornhole mini bags

Mini Bags Set Sale!

8 bags to a set, 4 of each color

Rot Proof Filler - Washable!

5.3oz (150g)

Perfect for mini-boards with a 4in hole
  (shown here - not included).

Learn about the different sizes.

Check out our new Mini Bag Toss Page
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