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Ultra Bags

Ultra Bags for the Ultimate Experience

Two sided bags so you can Stop and Go when you want!

Pro Quality Two Sided Cornhole Bags.

Ultra Bags™ are precision sewn for durability and feel. They come in several versions depending on preference and/or conditions. A Pro will have several types on hand and will choose the right bag for the conditions. Ultra Bags™ are precision sewn using advanced automation technology. The volume and weight of the filler is measured to within 1%. This is done to ensure the highest level of consistency for maximum performance. The plastic pellet filler has the perfect size, shape and sound. Bags have a medium fill and size for control and accuracy.

Ultra Bag Comparison Table

Ultra Bags™ Features Include:

  • Precision sewn for accurate weight and fullness.
  • Weather resistant cornhole bags. If they get dirty, you can hand-wash them with warm water and soap.
  • The washable plastic resin pellet fillers will never rot.
  • Our rot-proof filler resin pellets will not attract bugs or animals, and feel better than corn.
  • ACA, ACL and ACO regulation size (6.0" x 6.0" x 1.2") and weight (16.0oz). Professional grade.
  • Enhanced control with optimized fullness.
  • DuraThread™ technology for better durability.
  • Professional quality

Ultra Bags™ have been developed for professional cornhole players. These are high-quality cornhole bags that we are sure you'll love.

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