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Play Beer Pong

How to Play Beer Pong

Sink it. Drink it. Pong Happy.

Because many variations of Beer Pong exist, deciding on rules prior to beginning the game is a good idea.

The Setup

Ten cups should be arranged on each side of the Beer Pong Table. The standard setup for the cups is a pyramid formation. Once the cups have been arranged, beer (or another liquid of choice) should be poured into all 20 cups. It is not necessary to fill the cups to the top.


Each player or team attempts to toss ping pong balls into their opponent's cups. Every time a ball lands inside a cup, the player or team that did not throw the ball must drink the liquid from the cup the ball landed in. That cup is removed from the playing field.
Two ping pong balls are used during "doubles play".
● Team members each toss both balls before the next team plays.
● Opposing teams drink the liquid inside the cups the balls land in.
● When both members of the same team make at least one ball into at least one cup in the same turn, then that team gets another turn.
● If each team member lands a ball in the same cup, that team wins the game automatically. The opposing team must drink all the beer on the table. If the opposing team has not landed any balls into any cups throughout the game, that team receives additional penalities depending on "House Rules".
● Professionals make use of three types of shots:
  • Arc Shot - Players aim for one cup and throw with an arc.
  • Fastball - The Fastball Shot is achieved by throwing the ball directly into a cup without an arc.
  • Bounce Shot - These shots make use of the table. Balls thrown in this manner bounce off of the table and into a cup. Opposing teams are allowed to swat the ball away from the cups once it had bounced. If a Bounce Shot lands in a cup, the opposing team is required to drink two cups of liquid: the one the ball landed in, and another one that the shooter chooses.
  • "House Rules" - "House Rules" dictate what constitutes a Bounce Shot. Some players believe that a ball can be bounced off of any surface. Regardless of where the ball bounces, the opposing team is allowed to swat the ball away after it makes contact with a surface.
how to play beer pong


Teams may choose to "re-rack" their opponent's cups at certain points of the game. This can be done after a team's turn if the number of cups is 6, 4, 3, 2, or 1. Possible re-racking arrangements are pictured below:
how to play beer pong


A ball will occasionally spin around the outside of a cup. When this happens, a player can either blow the ball out of the cup or use his or her fingers to flick the ball out of the cup before it touches the liquid in the cup. Some "House Rules" dictate that only males can flick the ball out while only females can blow the ball out.

Gentleman's Shot

When the player or team that threw the ball gets it back (from bouncing or from the opposing team swatting it back) then that player or team is allowed to make another shot. Typically, this shot will be taken with the player's back turned to the cups he or she is aiming for.


When the game is almost over, the team that is close to losing can extend the game if each player of the team makes their shots. If this occurs, a re-rack takes place where each side of the table has 6 cups. The game continues.


● An opponent who touches a ball that has not bounced must drink the liquid in a cup.
● When an opponent spills the contents of a cup, he or she must drink the remaining contents in the spilled cups. Those cups are removed from the playing field, thus giving the opposite team an advantage.

Winning Beer Pong

When only one cup remains for a team, and both players make their shots into the final cup in the same round, then that team wins the game. If only one team member makes their shot into the final cup, the opposing team may attempt to rebuttal. If this rebuttal is unsuccessful, the game ends and the losing team must consume the remaining liquid in the cups on the table.

Play “Frat Boy” Beer Pong

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