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Play Hawaiian Washers

How to Play Hawaiian Washers

Commonly referred to as “Portuguese Horseshoes” in Hawaii or “Podagee”



Position the two boxes facing each other at 20 feet apart from front edge to front edge (you can use a shorter distance for casual play).

Opponents stand at one side, tossing towards the other box. Each player alternates, throwing 3 washers per round.

To play teams, opponents stand next to each other.

The team/player that scores the most in the previous round throws first for the next round.

The foul line is the front edge of the box.


1 pt. for washers on the board

2 pts. if the washer is hanging over the hole AND you can see through the washer into the hole

2 pts. for a washer leaning against the backboard

3 pts. for washers in the hole

Cancellation scoring is the preferred method to keep score. Using this method, at the end of a round, each team adds up their score and the team with more points gets a score which is the difference between the two point totals. For example, Team A gets two washers in the hole, earning 3 points per washer for a total of 6 points. Team B gets two washers on the board, earning 1 point per washer for a total of 2 points. Team A would score 4 points for that round because: 6 points - the 2 points scored by Team B = 4 total points for Team A.

The team to reach 21 points first at the end of a round is the winner.

If a washer lands on the top edge of the backboard, then the player/team who threw this washer wins the game instantly.


We prefer to play the “no covers” rule as it is easier to score and the game flows better. Using the “no covers” rule, you simply score each washer as it lies and you don’t have to worry about a washer sitting on top of another washer.

If you want to play with the “covers” rule, then if your washer lands on top of your opponents’ washer, you cancel their points for that washer. Also, if your opponent gets a washer in the hole, you can ONLY cover/cancel on the CONSECUTIVE THROW. All other washers count as normal.

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