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We offer several great products and this page is here to help you make a selection.

There are a few varieties of bag toss and cornhole boards, so we recommend you read this page completely before you make your selection. You can purchase Bag Toss Cornhole Sets on the Purchase page and accessories such as extra bags, lights and our famous Score Table on the Accessories page.

Bag Toss Boards Selection Details

When selecting one of our sets, there are a few things you will want to understand. This section will provide the necessary information to help you with size, package, game type, finish and more.

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Cornhole Bags

Our standard size bags are 6in x 6in and are available in two different weights: 15oz (420g) for Pros and 12oz (330g) for casual use or juniors. We also make 4in x 4in bags, as shown in the graphic below. Our bags are made from durable duck cloth (plain without any logos) which is double-stitched using strong polyester thread. The filler is a secret blend, using primarily recycled plastic pellets. These pellets are truly remarkable, as they have the right feel and are nearly indestructible. Best of all, you can wash our bags and they won't rot the way corn does. Give our bags a try, we know you'll love 'em! Click here to order a new set of bags.

Bag Toss Cornhole Product Images

Bag Sizes - Our cornhole bags are made from 10oz duck canvas, measuring 6in x 6in and weighing 15oz. The 4in x 4in Mini Bags weigh around 5oz. Bags are made from two fabric squares, with a 1/4in double stitched seam on all four sides.

Cornhole Bag Size Comparison

We currently offer the 6"x 6" and the 4"x4" in a wide variety of colors.

Dust - Since our filler is virtually indestructible, our bags do not create dust. If your boards require dust to slide, then you will not like our bags. But if you have our boards, the finish is tailored to have the perfect amount of slide without dust. This ensures consistent slides, in any type of weather.

Recycling the Bag Filler - Our filler material is 100% reusable. It is extremely durable and will last a lifetime. It's great that we can put this recycled plastic to such a cool use; However, it is important that we continue to recycle the filler after the bags start to wear out. It is easy to recycle the filler and cheaper than purchasing new bags. Here is what you do:
1) Purchase new empty bags. Recycle Bag Set.
2) These bags are 90% finished. There is a small opening which you use to pour your old filler material into. Carefully pour your old filler material into the new bag.
3) Sew up the small opening. This is best done on a sewing machine, but hand threading works just fine, too.

Recycling your old filler material will not only save you money, but it will help our environment, too.

All Weather Cornhole Bags

Why are our bags the best on the market?

#1 Reason - Our bags will not rot if they get wet. In fact, if they get dirty, you can hand wash them with soap and hot water. Don't worry about bugs, mice, deer or other critters eating the corn in your dusty old bags. Our bags are worry free, guaranteed!
#2 Reason - We adjust filler ratios so that a prescribed weight and fullness is achieved. They are ACA regulation size and weight. They are professional grade.

Superior Materials + Highly Engineered Designs = Kick Ass Products

Customization Options

Before you can select your custom options, you need to figure out what size board you want. Please Click Here to get started. Once you select your board size, you will be taken to the “Product Options” menu. Look for the instructions window on the right and follow the directions for adding custom color, logos, themes, etc. You may need to email us additional information. You can email us through our contact form. We usually email you a proof prior to completing your boards.

Custom Colors and Design Options
Check out some of our custom designs and colors. Want your favorite team's colors on the board? Check out Glidden’s Team Color Charts and find the colors you want to match them to the colors we offer. We can add colored stripes, borders or triangles to the deck of the board. The complexity of the design and number of different colors will determine the price. Sometimes the best approach is to just contact us first and describe what you want.

Custom Graphics Options

  • Apply Only: We will apply your decals and coat them for protection.
  • Type 1 Graphics: Single color graphic up to 14in x 14in in size
  • Type 2 Graphics: Single color graphic up to 20in x 20in in size, or a two color graphic up to 16inx16in in size
  • Type 3 Graphics: Full color stripe or triangle. Full color up to 20in x 20in in size
  • Type 4 Graphics: Full color stripe or triangle with logo inside
  • Type 5 Graphics: Full color, full board graphic, or option 4, with both boards different
  • Type 6 Graphics: Full color, full board graphic, both boards different

Custom Text Options

Add custom text to your board by selecting one of the text packs described below. You will add it to your cart and check out. When we receive your order, we will email you asking what text, color and font you want. We can work with almost any font (except fonts with a lot of detail). Visit for examples.

  • Text Pack 1: Basic lettering. One Color. Same on both boards. Text is placed on one surface: the front, side or back.
  • Text Pack 2: Basic lettering. One Color. Text is placed on two surfaces: the front, side or back.
  • Text Pack 3: Advanced lettering. Two Colors. Text is placed on two surfaces: the front, side or back.

If you want your favorite team logo on the boards, we can help you find the perfect decal. Visit and search using these keywords "decal die cut TEAM" (replace TEAM with the team name you are looking for). White decals look great on heritage finish. Look for decals that are 18in x 18in. If you find a decal you like, you can ship the decals directly to us (visit our contact page for our shipping address). Select our "Apply Only" option for $39 to have decals put on the boards and coated for protection. If you want some help, contact us.

Our standard colors are below. If you have a particular team or logo color that you want, we can do it. Just email me the logo at mark at bag toss dot com.

Bag Toss Custom Color Options
Custom Logo

Sweet Home Chicago Pizza
(Pro-TG-BT2-HER with Type 3 Custom Graphic)

Custom Logo Vail Ski Patrol

Vail Ski Patrol (VSP)
(Pro-TG-BT2-NAT with Type 1 Custom Graphic)

OMBAC Custom Boards

Old Mission Beach Athletics Club (OMBAC) - Founders of the famous Over The Line (OTL) tournament
(Pro-LB-BT2-HER with Small Custom Text and Type 4 Custom Graphic)

Bag Toss Cornhole custom tiger boards full size image decal

The Tiger Set
(Pro-LB-BT2-HER with Full-4x2 Custom Graphic)


Night Kit This is truly an innovative way to light up your boards after the sun goes down. This kit includes two powerful LED light towers. It is a very portable system that allows you to place light where you need it without the hassle of cords and plugs. With 27 super bright white LEDs, you can have hours of light! You can also use these "multi" lights in your workshop, garage, car or anywhere you need extra light. Click here to Buy Now.

Night Kit portable preferred position super bright LED stands wireless batteries

Light Pod™ Set Light Pods are the best way to illuminate boards and bags. When you play in dark conditions, it becomes very hard to see the edges of the boards and the color of the bags that are on the boards. Pods are placed in front of the board, off to the corner, so that low flying bags don't hit the Light Pods. A Light Pod set includes two pods with an LED light for each pod. Batteries are not included. We highly recommend investing in rechargeable batteries if you plan on using these often. These lighted towers are very portable, easy to store and have hundreds of other uses, too.

cornhole led hole lights

Cornhole Night Kit

Score and Drink Tables™

Keep the score with our famous Score and Drink Tables. We have been getting rave reviews for our new Score and Drink Tables™. This is the perfect accessory for serious bag players. The Score Table has two drink holders and a scoreboard that scores up to 29 for each team. The Drink Table is nearly identical, but does not include the scoreboard. The Combo Table Set is the best way to go because it includes one Score Table and one Drink Table. Add the optional lights to play at night.

Famous Score and Drink Table for Cornhole horseshoes washers toss games

best beer pong table. Custom all wood folding tables for the tailgate parties. Pong-O is a new game based on beer pong and bag toss.

Pong-O and the Best Beer Pong folding table

Baltic Birch Plywood

We recently switched to a superior plywood that is highly moisture and heat resistant. This is accomplished with a boil proof glue line combined with Baltic birch plies. The Baltic birch wood grows in the frigid parts of northern Europe, like Russia and Finland. Due to the cold, it is more dense and stronger than normal birch. With almost zero % core voids, the plies are incredibly uniform. With this change, our boards are now 30% heavier and 200% stronger than our previous boards.

Superior Materials + Highly Engineered Designs = Kick Ass Products

Do it Yourself

Though we would like your business, we are happy to provide you with the tools to create your own boards. Below are the dimensions (in inches) for Bag Toss 2, the board we created that includes the 5pt slot. The slot is 6.00in x 2.75in with a 1.0in corner radius. It took some trial and error to find the right size for this slot, as we wanted to make it difficult to get the bag in, but not impossible. A novice might get a bag in the slot once or twice a game, but a pro might get a bag in the slot once every round. The board shown below is our Tailgate size, which is 3ft x 2ft. If you want the Long Board size (4ft x 2ft), simply add a foot on the bottom and keep the 5pt slot and the hole in the same positions relative to the top of the board. Before you DIY, consider the quality and workmanship of our boards. Buy a set from us today and spend your free time planning your next BBQ.

Bag Toss 2 Dimensions

5 Point Slot, Bag Toss 2 and Cornhole 2 are trademarks of Vorticy, Inc. Bag Toss 2 with the 5pt slot is patented. An individual may use this design for building their own game. This design or slight alterations of this design is not to be used commercially without a legal licensing agreement with Vorticy, Inc. Please contact us for commercial use.

Payment Options

We offer payment by credit card or Paypal. We even accept payments by mail, click here for the order form and instructions.

We can do payments over the phone, but we prefer for you to do it online. It saves us some time and minimizes the chances for errors. If you have questions about payment, contact us and we'll respond quickly, unless we are playing Bag Toss.


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San Diego Residents - If you live in San Diego and want to pick up your item, enter your zip code on the “Shopping Cart” page and click “Update Shipping”. The “Pickup From Store” option will appear. Select this option and no shipping fees will be added to your total order cost. Do not use this option if you are not picking up your products. We will not ship items labeled “Pickup From Store”.

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