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Puck Hole

Puck Hole

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Puck Hole Puck Hole Puck Hole Puck Hole Puck Hole

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Puck Hole
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Puck Hole

Puck Hole is a fun new game that is growing fast in popularity. We developed this game to include the fun elements of Shuffle Board and Cornhole in one easy to carry, store and setup product. Our all-wood folding table offers awesome craftsmanship and performance. Below are some features:
  • Puck Hole is made entirely from ultra-durable Baltic birch plywood.
  • The table legs fold inside the table and the table folds in half for easy transport and storage.
  • The table comes in our Rebel Finish, which is an ebony stain with subtle tints of navy.
  • The playing surface is 8ft long x 2ft wide and the table is 30.5in tall.
  • The table folds up into 4ft long x 2ft wide x 8in deep.
  • The surface is very smooth for great puck slide.
  • The game comes with 8 pucks, 2 Line Bars (A.K.A. Cheater Bars), Rules, Setup Guide and Care Instructions.

Click Here for Printable Rules


Here is How to Play

The object of the game is to slide pucks across the table and into the hole to earn points. The first player or team to reach 21pts wins.

Rounds: Opposing players battle by sliding four pucks, alternating after every puck, to complete a round.

Earning Points: You must outscore your opponent to earn points for the round. The difference in score is your earned points. Points are scored by sliding the puck:

  • In the Point Zone (completely) = 1pt
  • In the hole = 3pt
  • Puck on the ground AKA “party foul” = -3pts
  • In the Trap = 0pts
  • In the Zero Zone = 0pts
  • Not past the Mid Line AKA “dud” = 0pts (remove puck)

Winning: The player to earn at least 21pts by the end of a round wins the game. Ties are not possible. You can score more than 21pts. You don’t need to win by 2pts.

Player’s hands cannot cross over the foul line. We have introduced the Line Bar (AKA “Cheater Bar”) that prevents a player from sliding the puck with their hand crossing over the foul line. Pucks must be completely past the bar to count as a point.

When playing singles, each player tosses to the same side. When playing doubles, each player’s partner is directly across from them, competing against the other team’s partner. A coin flip can determine who throws first. The player/team that earns points in a round goes first for the next round. The team that wins a game, leads off the next game.

Puck Hole

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